Covid-19 & Tiny Weddings

We're still celebrating

Wedding planning is an emotional process in and of itself but when the idea of a global pandemic is introduced...who's ready for that?

We're With You

CLED had witnessed an unprecedented number of postponed weddings and events due to COVID-19. This has been a learning experience for our team and colleagues as we navigate the many ways to address this and respond in a socially responsible manner while preserving the joy and intimacy that is at the very core of our events.

We do not claim to have all the answers or timelines but what we can do is listen. Just like every wedding looks different, so are the ways to respond to the challenges this pandemic brings.

We ask that if you do have an event planned during these uncertain times, to consider what feels best for you and your loved ones. That may look like a Tiny Wedding now and another big one a year from now. It may look like keeping your date intact for a private ceremony on a mountaintop or small chapel now, and following with a large party for friends and family next year. For some of you, simply taking a breather now and picking up where you left off in the planning after all the dust settles feels right.

Whichever direction you select, we are here to support, help with transitioning into a new date, or creating a whole new look if that's what you want. If a Tiny Wedding suits you, we'd love to help make that a reality with many packages available.

CLED is here for you and ready to stand in creativity with you.