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Wedding flowers are something you will remember for a lifetime. These are the flowers that will always trigger special memories of the day you shared, so it's important to pick something perfectly you.

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Perfect. Absolutely perfect. We had one webinar with Caroline and knew she was the one. We used her for planning and decor; it was everything we could ask for. If you want someone that will plan and design your wedding, you want Caroline.



Like every other bride, I immediately started researching all local vendors the day after we got engaged. A wedding planner was something that I knew I would love to have, but wasn’t something I considered a “necessity” (at the time). After hearing about Caroline through a reception venue, I decided to give her a call, and I never looked back! Caroline was super flexible with my tough working schedule, creating Skype dates, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings whenever possible to make sure all of my needs were met. We hired Caroline as our full-service planner, as well as our florist AND our decor manager. She went above and beyond the entire timeline of our engagement- 9 months- and especially the month-of, week-of, and day-of.


Caroline is amazing! From the first time I met her to discuss the wedding she has surpassed all of my expectations. She is organized, detail-oriented, and experienced. Planning a wedding is a huge task with lots of stress but with Caroline’s help she made the event stress-free for everyone. We had a 300 person wedding and I was concerned about seating and being over crowded at a venue that I loved. Her experience and insights for event planning transformed the venue to a perfect balance between a full event yet had adequate space for all.